Monday, March 19, 2012

Listening to the Postive-Week 2

I have had one of those weeks that every time I turn around I hear this silly voice in my head telling me "You can't" or "It's not worth it" or "I deserve this treat" . I hear this voice the most when I am striving for good things in my life. Usually at the beginning when making changes are really, really difficult. I found this quote and it is sooo true.
I went to a Health Evening once and the speaker talked about turning that voice around. For instance saying, "I am smarter and stronger than that cookie." or "I deserve to be healthy." instead of "I deserve that dessert."

There is really something to the power of positive thinking and positive talk. This week as you strive for a healthier and more powerful you, try kicking out the liar thoughts and replacing them with some truth.
"You can do hard things."
"You are strong."
"You deserve to be Happy and Healthy."
"You deserve to feel great in your skin and clothes."

Then make the choices that will lead you to those goals. Good luck this week beautiful women.

Monday, March 12, 2012

March Madness Health Fest Begins...Motivation Monday

My sisters and I are having a March Madness Health Fest. We are each contributing an item to a Relaxation/Health Basket and then each day we can earn points for eating vegetables, drinking water, sleeping 7-8 hours, and working on our personal health goals. Whoever has the most points at the end of the month gets the basket.

Each Monday I will be posting a Motivational Thought for all of us. This week I had to put this picture up:I'm not sure if it is actual motivation. But the point of all of this is to feel good in our skin, to feel like the top picture even if we don't look like it all the time. Being healthy isn't about being skinny it is about feeling great. Feeling healthy, feeling good about ourselves. When I eat healthy I feel good. When I get enough sleep I am happier. When I am exercising I feel powerful. Even if I don't always look fantastic, I start to believe that I do. So here's to feeling good in our skin and to loving our bodies enough to truly care for them.

And to anyone else who might actually read this blog I challenge you to find a couple of friends, a sister, a brother or even a Mother -in Law, but find someone to start a March Madness Group with.

And to my girls Good luck this week, I know we are going to ROCK it.