Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Finding Peace in Small Spaces

When Mr. D and I married almost nine years ago, our plan was to move out of our starter home within about 3 years. I had already lived here two years previous to our marriage. So as of this year 2010 I have lived in my home for 11 years. We started out with the two of us, one dog Walt, living comfortably in our two bedroom 1498 square foot home. Since that time we have added three children, a bedroom and a bathroom to the basement and our little dog has moved on to heaven. Our square footage has remained the same.

We have looked at moving several times. I have looked at hundreds of homes online, and many in person. We even had our home up for sale once, right as the market tanked. We recently found a home we liked in a good neighborhood, we were seriously considering a move, only to find out that the house we were looking at had some serious issues including the fact that they had cats (which I am allergic to) and after spending twenty minutes inside the home, I could hardly breathe.

We have had a difficult few weeks as we have decided what to do....try to sale, stay where we are. Even when we do move we won't be moving into a McMansion.

I have felt a tumult of feelings and emotions over our time here. It is so easy to look around at what others have and compare and sometimes covet the things it seems I am lacking.

Recently however I have realized thanks to a great deal of prayer and some dear friends, that the goal no matter what our circumstances, is to find peace where we are. To not let situations define who we are, but to define the situations. I realize even as I write this that I have to continually remind myself of this, it doesn't always stay with me when I am under pressure to make this small space beautiful, organized, and live able.

So in the spirit of looking on the positive I thought I would give a few reasons why I love The Homestead...

  • Mr. D and I had our first kiss here...on the steps in the garage (so romantic)
  • I have brought all of my babies home to the Homestead
  • My Nana used to sit in the living room and work on her cross words and I would find ink all over my slip covers from where she would leave her pens.
  • During my single time here...two of my sisters lived with me...and pulled me through
  • I have taken what I have and made it my own.
  • During my stay at the Homestead I have become acquainted with some of the dearest and most precious friends of my lifetime.
  • I have learned how to be creative, and turn something small into a home.

It is a process but I am finding peace in my small spaces and learning that it is more how I fill the space I have than how much space I have to fill.

So here's to the Huckleberry Homestead and to finding peace.