Sunday, May 30, 2010

The ABC's of Summer Fun

So I found this idea on a great blog J & A and Co. but I tweaked it a little for my own use. These are fun ideas to incorporate into your summer which focus on letters of the Alphabet. I also made up writing journals for my kids so they can draw a picture and write about what we do. Hopefully this will help keep up with what they have already learned. Here are my ideas with some from J & A and Co. She had great ideas too. feel free to take them or make up some of your own. Happy ABC's and Happy Summer.

A: America is Great... Celebrate the founding of our country do a 4th of July Craft and make red, white and blue treats.

B. Bikes and Bubbles - bike ride and bubble blowing today

C. Cupcakes and play at Castle Park

D. Ducks and Doughnuts: Go to the Duck Park and Make homemade Doughnuts

E. E's choice Day

F. Fast and Floats - Races outside followed by Root beer Floats

G. G's choice Day

H. Hiking

I. Indoor S'mores, Indoor Camp out, and Insects.

J. Jellyfish, off to the library to read about jellyfish and make a craft

K. Kangaroos and Kids Kick Ball. Play kickball at the park. Read about Kangaroos at the Library. (I have a little one that is hard to handle at the library, so often times I reserve books online then pick them up to read at home with my kids.)

L. Lemonade and Lions: make lemonade and make Lion masks for a craft

M. Monkeys. Eat frozen Chocolate bananas and read Curious George books

N. Nature walk at the Ogden Nature Center

O. Obstacle Course in Backyard

P. Play dough and Popsicles

Q. Quilt; make it out of felt glued on paper and talk about patterns

R. Read - A - Thon outside day

S. Sno- Cones and Sand Crafts

T: T-Ball and Toffee Bars

U: Find items that look like U while going on a walk or bike ride

V: Vegetables: Plant an outdoor container of veggies. Yum, Yum.

W: Water day. Play with water outside. Draw with wet sponges on the cement.

X: XXXX (Kisses Day) Take candy kisses to people today

Y: Yellow Day: Eat yellow food and make a yellow craft

Z: Count the clothes with zippers in our house. Then graph who has the most.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mario and Curious George Birthday Parties

So here are some of the fun pictures for our Mario Birthday Party. I found these hats at the dollar store and cut out white felt with the Mario and Luigi lettering. E wears this hat almost everyday and it was so easy to make. I also made shirts by finding pictures of the characters and doing and iron on transfer from the computer. Super Easy and fun. I even did Princess Peach ones for the girls. Can't find my pictures of those.

We found this Mario at my Mom's house it came out of a Happy Meal a few years ago and then the background is a balloon stand from the Dollar Store. I made little boxes wrapped in shiny wrapping paper and question marks like the boxes you hit in Mario Kart. For our dinner I found these dot candy sheets at Walmart in there party section.

Our sign made out of shiny wrapping paper and a Mario coloring page picture.

We made the mushrooms from Super Mario Brothers. Cupcakes with red frosting and white chocolate dipping dots. The eyes are just card stock with eyes drawn on.

Okay so this cake was kind of crazy. I had so much going on the week of E's party that I seriously forgot to make the cake. Earlier in the month he had drawn out what he wanted his cake to look like. It was supposed to be a round two layer with a giant mushroom on top, piranha flowers and stars from the game. Well the day of his party, I realized I didn't have a cake made and so I called Dick's Market asked them for any chocolate cake they had with white frosting that they could spray blue. Mr. D went to pick it up when he called me this is what he said, "Are you sure this is the cake you want?" To which I told him " I will figure something out when you get home, not realizing it had big drops of whipped frosting and chocolate Oreos and chocolate dripping down the side. He laughed and said that the girls in the bakery were referring to me as the Emergency Cake lady. Well this is what I came up with. I frosted half of Styrofoam circle and put the white chocolate on top and card stock cutout for the mushroom. Then fondant that I purchased at Walmart...I didn't have time to make it for the star cut outs and Piranha flowers. I actually think it turned out OKAY.

We had a great time and I even won a few games of Mario Kart.

Curious George... Party
We made party masks from a pattern on the picture to go the the website for invitations masks and ideas. We did a black and white version which we had the kids color.

The spread... Monkey Cupcakes and Banana Splits.

Fun monkey cupcakes...marble cupcakes frosted with choco frosting. The ears are mini nilla wafers cut in half. A big nilla wafer, M&M's for the eyes and gel frosting for the nose and mouth. So easy... Thanks to Breanne and Brynn who helped finish decorating these for me. I love the Curious George fabric I found at Walmart.

Curious George Balloons I found on Amazon and buckets with Curious George stickers on them.

Fun pinwheels from Hobby Lobby $0.49 each and L's new Curious George Stuffed toy that I found on Amazon... his birthday gift. This was a fun and easy party that I only spent $20 for the decorations, and food.
Easy and super fun.