Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dickens & David Copperfield...Movie Review

So I have a very dear friend and her favorite book is David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. We give each other book suggestions. I have read quite a few of her favorites and she mine. However I have a tread for Dickens. It might have been that my first introduction to him was with Great Expectations in my Sophomore English Class in High School. I struggled through several chapters...eventually watched the movie and read the Cliff Notes. I have continued to find the task of reading Dickens Daunting.

My friend suggested I watch the 1999 Masterpiece Theater version of David Copperfield starring a young Daniel Radcliffe. For months the book and movie have sat at my home, and this past week I finally watched the movie. It has a wonderful storyline with typical Dicken's twists and turns. It shows characters that are like able and yet flawed. And others who are despicably evil. And others that you truly want to like, can see their potential for goodness and yet they choose poorly and sacrifice happiness. It is said to be a bit autobiographical of Dicken's life which was not always joyful.

It introduces wonderful characters and takes the viewer on a journey of understanding. So I have added David Copperfield to my list of TO READ's for 2011 and I am actually looking forward to reading Dickens.

My sister and I were talking today and we started talking about how as children we disliked certain foods, but now as adults with a different perspective many of our dislikes have been dispelled and now have become more bearable. Maybe like my sisters dislike and now tolerance for cucumbers I too will find a tolerance for the classics of Dickens. I certainly enjoyed the movie.

What are some of your new found book loves...or movies? I would love to hear.