Monday, January 23, 2012

Loving Downton Abbey

Almost seventeen years ago, my sister introduced me and the other women in my family to a wonderful show called "Pride and Prejudice" - the Colin Firth version. From the moment I finished that beautiful rendition of the Jane Austen classic, I have been hooked on BBC and Masterpiece Theater productions. I am a total and complete BBC and Masterpiece geek and proud of it. A few weeks ago my sister (same one) told me she was hooked on a new Masterpiece production called Downton Abbey. Over the next few weeks I realized that I was one of the only people not in the know.

I have spent wonderful moments folding laundry and cooking dinner with my new friends from Downton Abbey, and I can't wait till next week when the newest episode comes out. Check out the website here. Plus Dame Maggie Smith is in it, how could you go wrong. She is just brilliant.

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